The truth about Mashunna

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      All my life I wanted to own a business. Assignments in school when the teacher would ask “what do you want to do when you grow up?” Would have the same response, To have a business. At the time I didn’t know what I wanted to do in business but, I knew that’s where I wanted to head. I grew up and worked in the fast food and hotel industry. I really hated that. I disliked  the feeling that I was working for someone else.

      I never felt  fulfilled in it. I even went to college for business and marketing. Years go by and I started selling clothes online. That’s where my heart is. I loved it, running things the way I want and making people happy.

        After that  I met my now husband and we combined our family. Four children and one with autism  at our age was rough and still is. A regular 9-5 just didn’t fit for me. I came up with the name “Mashunna” one day driving. I needed to name my business something that’s stood out. Everything I do is for my kids so it had to be centered around them.

       I took two letters from each of their names came up with MASHUNNA. In 2018, I decided to create a makeup line. It’s starting with lip gloss and in the future will include other makeup must haves. God willing the world will know Mashunna Collection very soon.

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