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I've launched Mashunna collection Three months ago now. Sometimes it feel like i've been open for years!  Before i even launched, I mentally prepared myself for what could  or could not happen. I told myself that it was going to be difficult days and my sales would be slow at first because no one knew me yet and, I was right. I have days where i have no sales or lots of traffic and no sales or lots of orders going out.  I learned that being an entrepreneur can be very stressful and lonely at times.  you  get the thought like, " what was i thinking" or "what if my product doesn't sell". normally i stay focused but, ever so often negative thoughts cross my mind and when it does, i just stop and pray. Even if its in my car while i'm driving i just pray. When starting my business i looked at it as a business to provide and leave to my children when i'm gone but, now it's way bigger than that. I always put my self last and think about others needs before mine. However now having Mashunna Collection makes me feel so strong, empowered and independent. Since I've been feeling that way i just want to encourage others and inspire them through my business. Every product name i have is something positive and i hope it resonates with others. I just want to reach far with Mashunna collection and to remind them that, everything will be okay in their life and to find the positive in the negative. I've met so many inspiring social media business women that i wish i could meet one day. They make it easier for me they just don't know it. To whomever is reading this if you're stuck, stressed or depressed, just know i understand and things will get better. Life is like the weather. It changes and you just need to be prepared when it does. SO PRAY, PICK YOUR HEAD UP AND KEEP GOING!! EVERYTHING WILL COME IN PLACE SOON.

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