My daughter she’s 15, saw this gloss on someone’s page she follows on instagram. She asked me to buy it for her and she got it last Friday. Shipping was fast too. She loves it. She has been wearing it to school everyday. 

☆ 4.5/5



i love trying new things, so i had to try this lip gloss "brave" i was actually surprised. I buy named brand makeup because i know the product quality will be better. This gloss was amazing and smooth. I wore it alone which was cute but then i tried it with a lip liner which made it supper cute. will shop again and congrats on your new business !!

☆ 5/5






First it was quick delivery. I love the feel and shine of this lip gloss. I was looking for a lip gloss with a shimmery effect and I found it. Love it.

☆ 5/5






My favorite color is red that is what stood out to me . I was skeptical about trying products that i never heard of but i decided to go for it. I love it! I wore it to work to see how it would do. it lasted long and wasn't tacky. I only had to reapply it after lunch. Which i was surprised because i do a lot of talking at my job and usually i would need to do it twice .

☆ 4/5

Pam Stocken,




Jan 28,2019

I found this page on twiiter. Decided to try evolve. got it last week and worn it twice. I love it so far and got complements on it. the feel is smooth. will buy again.

☆ 5/5


Yvette Wilson-smith,




feb 4, 2019

Cream and golds are what i normally wear. I love trying new things. I ordered on Thursday night and it came Saturday morning, which was a plus!! really love it will order again.  

☆ 4/5




Will definitely be a regular customer!

After I received my Inspire lipgloss I loved how it felt on my lips and how it looked. It came fast and in a cute package. I also purchased Brave and Essence and I tried something new because I loved how Inspire felt on my lips. I will definitely be getting the Inspire lipgloss again since I wear the clear lipgloss more often. All of the lip glosses are bomb asf and look very good on me.

Ashley McClinton 


☆ 5/5